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‘Click - Treat - Repeat’

3 easy steps to a well-behaved dog!

Simple. Effective. Motivating. For both you & your dog.

-Because Behavior Matters

VivaPaws Training & Behavior provides positive, force-free dog training that makes dogs eager participants in the learning process and builds confidence in both humans & canines alike. This approach is supported by decades of scientific research and helps owners and their dogs live and work together harmoniously.  Dogs learn life skills and good manners, and humans learn more effective ways of communicating with their canine companions.


A Service like no other!

Support before - during - after training

Rewarding YOU for choosing positive for your dog

How we make a difference in people’s lives:

The report you provided was EXTREMELY helpful. I have continued to provide her with the training you outlined. Our vet was amazed with your attention to detail! Thank you! We appreciate all you have done for us. You are truly a gift and got us back on track. Thank you for all you do for animals. This world needs more people like you.
— M.& K. P.


Awarded for our humanity!

And for giving great discounts (up to 15%) on our customized training packages!

See Project Trade on how YOU can save BIG by swapping your prong collar or other gear!


We are now offering life skills classes at charleston animal society!

Be the first to experience a class like no other which includes a 90 mins home consult & 5 weeks classes @ 1 hour.


Click here to learn more or see further below.

We Are Veterinarian Recommended and endorsed by Charleston Animal Society for our positive methods.

Is your dog’s behavior causing you stress or concern?


We can help!

We understand how frustrating it is when your dog won’t listen, or barks and lunges at everything that moves. You may have tried training her yourself, or worked with another trainer, but didn’t get the result you wanted.

Whatever your reasons for reaching out, we are here to help steer your life back on track. We want to reward YOU for choosing positive for your dog!

How do we do that? As the only trainer in Charleston we reward YOU with up to 15 % discount by swapping your prong/choke/shock collar (see Project Trade) because we want to help create better lives for pets. We also give 10% discount for dogs adopted from Charleston Animal Society.

Whatever your financial allowance, if you are committed to helping your dog, we are committed to helping YOU!

Booking a consultation with us means we come to your home to assess your dog’s environment and examine the problems you are facing to find a solution most suited to your needs, and within your budget.

We are here to alleviate stress and make your life more enjoyable with you best friend.

We only use positive training methods. They are more effective, more fun, and the whole family can join in.

As Charleston’s 1st KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner), we are experts in the clicker methodology and can teach both you, your family, and your dog this simple, fun, and effective way of communicating within just a few clicks!

No matter the problems you are facing, we work with your goals and needs to find a positive solution.


We specialize in behavior modification:


When dealing with serious behavior problems, you need a qualified professional who is educated in the science of animal learning and behavior.

Using punishment or corrective devices, such as prong/shock/choke collars, are outdated and no longer supported by science.

These methods do more harm than good, and can lead to fear/anxiety/stress/aggression in your dog.

The American Veterinary Society Of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommends reward-based training. Research has shown there are significant risks with using punishment. You can read their position statement here, along with their statement on how to choose a trainer, etc.

At VivaPaws, we see many unfortunate results of these harmful training methods, which is why we have joined Project Trade, and why YOU can swap your gear for a great discount on our services!

Our humanity, alongside our education & expertise, is why we are both your dog’s AND your #1 choice for Positive Dog Training in South Carolina!

Contact us today - don’t delay!

- Get immediate relief from a stressful situation!


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What is Clicker Training?

Think of the clicker as a camera taking a snapshot of the exact moment something you want to capture happens.

The clicker marks behavior we want to see more of. By rewarding that behavior, your dog will want to repeat the action, as it results in a yummy treat.

Food is used because it is the number one motivation for most dogs. Would you work for free? Why should your dog?

Once the clicker has been paired with a small food reward, your dog quickly learns that the click predicts a reward.

The click pinpoints to your dog the behavior exactly so your dog will learn desirable behavior amazingly quickly—often from one, two, or three clicks!

The clicker provides a consistent, non-emotional marker so your dog always receives the same information.

Clicker training produces FASTER results than any other method

  • Don’t know how to use a clicker? No worries…. we will teach you…it’s easy!

  • PS.. No need to buy a clicker….we’ve got one for you along with a treat pouch…free of charge!

Watch the video below of putting the doorbell on cue for a client’s dog who has fear-related aggression toward strangers and also did not like the doorbell. He has made a lot of progress but still has a way to go. A great example of how teaching dogs to relax on a mat/bed/place helps reactive/aggressive/fearful dogs cope better in stressful situations.

Why choose a KPA Certified Training Partner?

Karen Pryor Academy is the leader of modern force-free animal training. It is one of few Elite Dog Trainer schools in the world and has over 1500 graduates worldwide. Certified Training Partners have gone through a demanding educational program requiring continuous assessment of their knowledge, hands-on training and teaching skills, as well as work with multiple species of animals. KPA CTP’s are required to participate in annual continuing education to maintain their KPA status, and in order to provide clients with the most current, scientifically proven, and effective, dog training tools & techniques in the industry.

Karen Pryor is the founder of clicker training, and one of the pioneers of Positive Reinforcement, bringing science to the masses with her bestselling book, ‘Don’t shoot the dog’ (1984).

because you & your dog deserve the best!

We Are a Member of The Following Professional Organizations

Our Private In-Home Services:

Customized training packages in:

Puppy socialization - Basic Manners (Obedience) - Behavior Modification

Individually tailored to suit the needs of your dog and your situation.

We customize a program so you only pay for what you need !

day training:

We train your dog for you. Personal one-on-one training while you work. VivaPaws will set your dog up for success at every step.

Private coaching

You train your dog with our guidance and a customized training program.


day school

We train your dog for you for 2 hours, three times a week.

Includes at least 30 mins walk, playtime, and lots of stimulation. Comprehensive & customized packages in Puppy Socialization, Good Manners, Self-Control, and Confidence Building.


Life skills classes

We are proud to be offering Life Skills classes based on clicker training at Charleston Animal Society!

First class starts on April 23, 2019 from 6.45-7.45pm.

Be the first to experience how our classes differ from the norm in more than one way….come see for yourself!

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Swap gear for a clicker & 15% discount!

As a proud member of Project tRade, an advocacy program initiated by Pet Professional Guild (PPG), our desire is to advance the use of force-free equipment by encouraging dog guardians to trade in their shock/prong/choke collars for a great discount on our services here at VivaPaws.

  • Help us promote kindness and humanity and create a better life for pets.

  • Get 15% off our Customized Training Packages.

PLEASE NOTE: The discounts apply to our DAY TRAINING & PRIVATE COACHING only (not our Day School programs or Walk & Train).

  • If your dog pulls on a leash, positive reinforcement trainers recommend buying an Easy Walk harness (front-clip harness), or Head Halter (Gentle Leader). Using a prong/choke/shock collar to ‘correct’ this behavior can have long-term implications for your dog. It can lead to fear, anxiety, stress, and aggression, which can take a long time to modify.

  • We can help teach your dog to walk politely on leash. See WALK & TRAIN .


You Deserve a Certified & Qualified Dog Trainer.

Armed with one of the most respected and rigorous educational backgrounds in dog training today, Vivi at VivaPaws is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. She is the first Professional Dog Trainer in Charleston to have earned the designation KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner).

You can rest assured you are working with one of the best and most competent in the field who utilizes only positive, force-free, scientifically proven methods and techniques.


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What people say:

“Initially, my husband and I were skeptical about this positive training methodology. My husband in particular couldn’t imagine how teaching our 5 year old lab to behave by rewarding him could work. He is very ‘old school’ and the other trainer we worked with did emphasize that by correcting Duke with the prong collar, he would quickly learn to ‘get in line’. We had him on the prong collar for two years. His behavior changed. He wasn’t as loving as before and he began to be aggressive toward other dogs. When we came to Vivi at VivaPaws, we were horrified to learn that being on a prong collar could actually have resulted in his aggressive behavior. We realized right away how knowledgable Vivi was and it all made sense. Even my husband was bolted over when he saw how Duke began to respond to the clicker. It was a true blessing finding Vivi and her positive approach. Duke is a changed dog! We still have to work with him on a daily basis but thanks to the clicker, he now loves training and has become much more affectionate. The discount we received from swapping the prong collar was a definite plus too. We cannot recommend VivaPaws enough!”
— J. & E. Bennett