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What's In a Service Rate?

You may be of the conviction that hiring a Professional Dog Trainer is expensive. Ever wonder what is behind the rates you pay?

At VivaPaws, we believe in transparency. We want our clients to feel they get value for money. We are not out to make a great profit, but our rates are reflective of the fact that our service is Top Tier. Vivi Myslik Jorgensen has earned an elite certification, which is considered one of the very best in the dog training community.

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Dogs – How They Make Our Lives Whole

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole – Roger Caras. This is one of my favorite quotes about dogs. How do you feel about your dog? Is he perhaps your best friend, your ‘kid’, a family member, almost as important as other family members, or maybe more? What makes them so special? They waltz straight into our hearts with their cute little faces, their wagging tails, their pure love. Is that the whole truth?

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Why Food Is Used As A Reward In Training

Let us jump right in and start at the beginning…. A sweet little puppy face is looking up at you begging you to play. Because you are busy right now, you tell little Charlie, “not now, mommy’s busy”, but Sweet Face won’t take no for an answer. He tries to bite at your shoe….you tell him, “NO, Charlie, not my shoe!” He does the cutest little jump and tries your shoe again, biting more, and

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The Importance of Choosing A Qualified and Certified Trainer

You might have envisioned a life with a well-mannered dog, who listens to you, comes when you call, walks calmly on leash…. a joy to live with. This perfect picture is often crushed when your dog starts to develop destructive or undesirable behaviors. You may have tried to train your pup yourself, but either don’t have the time or patience it requires, and therefore behaviors have turned into problems.

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