Looking To Board & Train Your Dog With a Positive Reinforcement Trainer?


Welcome To Our ‘One Dog At A Time’ Board & Train!

VivaPaws Training & Behavior is excited to announce we will begin taking clients on board our ‘One Dog At a Time’ Board & Train programs starting July 1, 2019!

Why choose Board & Train? People choose this service for a variety of reasons. Going on vacation? This is a perfect opportunity for your furry friend to take a ‘vacation’ as well. Why not come home to a well-behaved, well-trained, and well-cared for pooch? With time constraints being what they are, we all struggle to work in all the rigors life demands. Having a Professional working daily with your canine, one on one, can ease the burden of time and provide peace of mind that your fur baby is thriving to full potential.

Traditional Board & Train facilities tend to board too many dogs at one time, which means YOUR dog will spend a great deal of time in a kennel run waiting his or her turn for attention and training. The vast majority of these facilities use what is referred to as ‘Balanced training’, which can incorporate both positive reinforcement, praise, training collars, and/or punishment/correction. Far too many still use a training collar (prong/shock/choke/bark, etc) to correct a dog and assume control over the dog. Boarding and training a dog is like sending a child to summer camp. Once your dog is there, you won’t be able to supervise it every day, so it is important to do your homework beforehand.

This is why VivaPaws Training & Behavior has decided to offer a positive alternative to traditional Board & Train.



We do not have a facility… your dog is boarded & trained in trainer’s home!

  • We board 1 dog at a time (=one client at a time), which provides your dog EXCLUSIVE one-on-one training & attention and very little time in a crate, unlike most other Boarding facilities.

  • Your dog stays in the trainer’s home and is treated as part of the family, which includes lots of affection, playtime with the trainer’s dog & in dog parks, daily walks, and lots of physical and mental stimulation.

  • All training is conducted in trainer’s home & yard, as well as on location (dog parks, busy streets, etc.)

  • VivaPaws is a 100% Positive Reinforcement training business. We do NOT use nor allow any type of training collar (prong/shock/bark/e-collar, etc.), which is still the norm at most Board & Train facilities.

  • Our only training tool is the clicker… which dogs love!

  • We use food/treats as reinforcement as this is the primary motivator for most dogs.

  • Our training methods and techniques are scientifically proven through many decades of research and are 100% safe and humane. We stay up-to-date on the latest research, training, and education continuously.

  • Leaving your dog with Vivi means being trained and cared for by a truly dedicated & educated Professional who prioritizes the emotional well-being of every dog she works with!

    Sleep Easy At Night Knowing Your Dog Is In The Best Hands!


How Board & Train Can Help :

Whether your dog needs to learn basic manners (obedience) or a Behavior Modification program, we can help with the following:

  • Basic manners (Sit/Stay, Down, Come, Touch, Settle, Boundary training, etc.)

  • Leash manners/ leash reactivity / dog-dog reactivity *If your dog is reactive to other dogs, he or she will only be exposed to other dogs during carefully monitored techniques (Desensitization & Counterconditioning).

  • Confidence building

  • Fear/Anxiety: Thunderstorm and/or noise phobias are ideal for Board & Train. We can work on desensitizing your dog to scary sounds under carefully controlled and monitored conditions, and your dog is likely to make progress faster with a Board & Train program than Private Training.

  • *If your dog suffers from Separation Anxiety, we do not recommend Board & Train as this is closely related to your home environment.

  • Resource Guarding: *If YOU (or another family member) are the resource your dog is guarding, we do not recommend Board &Train alone. This is best combined with Private sessions in your home, or Private sessions on their own.

    *Your dog must be up-to-date on vaccinations, kennel cough, and flea/tick treatment. Proof of vaccination is required at the Initial Consult.

    All Services Start With An Initial Consult In Your Home:

  • The consult allows us to assess your dog’s environment and behavior to determine if Board & Train is the best choice for you and your dog. We work primarily with the training goals you have for your dog but may recommend other services, or sometimes a combination, in order to best achieve a successful result.

  • An Initial Consult is 90 minutes in duration and takes place in your home (see Private Training for more details).

  • Initial consult fee is $155, payable online. Simple process of choosing a time and filling out the intake form provides us much needed information to begin setting a profile for your fur baby.

  • Clicking the button below will take you to the booking page. Once we receive and process your intake form, we will provide you with more details.

  • Payment for a Board & Train program is payable in full at the Initial Consult.

  • An interest free Payment Plan is available. By choosing this option, you commit to paying for the full package rate, regardless of whether you choose to complete the training program or not. The first installment is payable at the Consult.



Our Board & Train Programs:

1 week (7 nights): $700

  • Includes: 1 hour Transfer session on day of pick up (at trainer’s home).

2 weeks (14 nights): $1490

  • Includes: 1 hour Transfer session on pick up (in trainer’s home) + 1 In-home (your home) follow-up session (one hour)

3 weeks (21 nights): $2280

  • Includes: 1 hour Transfer at pick up (in trainer’s home) + 2 In-home (your home) follow-up sessions (one hour each)

    * All Transfer sessions and In-home follow-up sessions are 1 hour long.

On A Tight Budget? We Can Help!

Contact Us Today To Hear About The Option Of An Interest Free Payment Plan.

All packages include:

Unlimited email & phone support.

Trainer’s travel expenses to outdoor locations (dog parks, busy streets, etc.)

A Clicker & treat pouch

Daily video/photo updates of progress and skills we are working on.

End of Stay Report and Next Step instructions at completion of program.

Not included in rates:

  • Training treats (REQUIRED): $30 per week: We use a variety of high value treats in training, which may range from human food like boiled chicken breast, string cheese, meatballs to various generic training treats and kibble. Each dog is different and what may be high value to one dog may not be high value to another. Each treat is the size of a green pea and your dog will receive a lot of pea sized treats throughout each day’s training sessions. *If your dog has an allergy or a restricted diet, we will consult with you about your dog’s motivation and what can be used as reinforcement in the training. Praise is not motivating enough for dogs during training. As an example, a favorite toy can be used instead of food, if it has a high enough value to YOUR dog.

  • Bath: + $10 each

  • Food: You will provide your dog’s daily meals. *Please note: We cut down your dog’s regular meals to a minimum due to the many pea-size treats your dog will receive during the daily training. Do not be alarmed if, at pick up, your dog has not consumed much of the food you brought. This is not because he or she has been starved! Rather, it is to ensure your dog does not gain weight.

Drop Off And Pick Up Times: Sundays Between 10am - 1pm


For a Board & Train program to be successful beyond the boarding, you will need to keep up with the homework we provide for your dog to continue his/her progress. Continuous maintenance of new behaviors is a life-long process. If you fail to maintain the skills your dog has learned, the training program will not be successful for the long-haul.

We strongly recommend that all household members are present at the Initial Consult, as well as Transfer sessions and In-home follow-up sessions to ensure consistency and agreement on your dog’s training goals.


Ready For A Well-Behaved Dog?

Contact us today to book early for this unique ‘One Dog At a Time’ Board & Train….where you can breathe easy for leaving your dog!

We will be accepting reservations beginning July 1, 2019.