Day School Programs (better than Board & Train)!

Paws In Training!

Life is busy. There is not much time to devote to training the four-legged member of the family. Often there is no time for walks either, so you may come home to a dog who is over-excited and won’t settle down, or who has torn up paper all over the floor, due to boredom and lack of mental & physical exercise. You may have a dog who is anxious or has a fear of loud noises, or who doesn’t know how to walk politely on a leash.

Your dream is to have a dog you can bring with you everywhere, who is well-mannered, and a joy to live with.

But reality is, he is lacking in self-control and manners, and you don’t have time to go to classes, or simply prefer a Professional Trainer working with him one-on-one to get the best result.

Most traditional Board & Train, where you send your dog off to a facility to be trained for 2-4 weeks, use correction devices (prong/shock.choke collars) to make your dog ‘obey’. The implications of these aversive methods of training are far-reaching and devastating to the dog and guardian. Furthermore, the facilities often have several dogs in training, so a large part of the day your dog may be spending in a crate while waiting for her turn for attention & training. This is a potential stressful environment for dogs, especially if the dog is already fearful.

Therefore, we have developed a better ‘school’ option, where your dog stays in his own environment and gets quality one-on-one care and YOU get your money’s worth!


At VivaPaws, we believe in building foundation skills, which provide dogs with structure, rules, and the ability to relax and attain self-control. This is of key importance in achieving the dream of a well-balanced life with your best friend. We focus on applying skills to REAL-LIFE situations, so our programs include trips to parks, vet waiting rooms, busy streets, etc.

In addition to providing quality care for your dog or puppy while you work, our programs offer comprehensive enrichment, socialization, and intensive training, always with lots of attention, affection, walks & playtime.

Space is currently limited to 2 clients per week, so book now to secure your spot!

We Are Veterinarian Recommended


With our ‘Paws In Training’ intensive programs, you can achieve your dream!

How it works:

We train your dog in your home and on location for 2 hours per day (3 days a week) combining lots of stimulation - walk/play & intensive training.

We have programs in:

Puppy Socialization (Puppies from 8 - 20 weeks of age)

Basic Manners ( Puppies over 5 months & adult dogs)

Relaxation & Self-Control (Ideal for hyperactive dogs)

Confidence Building ( For anxious/leash reactive dogs)

All programs include Transfer sessions ( to transfer the skills to you) + Initial Consult ($125)

We customize each program. The examples below are just that.

Contact us for the numerous ways we can devise a program that suits YOUR dog!

How to book:

  • All programs start with an Initial Consult (90 mins), where Vivi will come to your home to conduct a behavior assessment to determine which program is most suited to you & your dog’s needs. This consultation is included in the package price.

  • During the consult, we will discuss if in fact Day School is the best option for you. It may be that one of our other services may be more suited, depending on what problems you may be facing.

  • If your dog has severe anxiety, separation anxiety, or aggression, please email or call us prior to booking.

  • Click BOOK NOW and fill out questionnaire.

  • You will need to pay for the Initial Consult ($125) when booking, but the fee will be credited off the total package price at the consult meeting.

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.

‘Paws In Training’ Day School Programs:


Puppy Socialization

For puppies from 8 - 20 weeks of age.

Proof of at least the first set of vaccines is required at the Initial Consult.

2, 3, or 4 week intensive socialization + Basic Manners

House training - crate training - handling (vet & grooming exams) - socialization of people/places/animals/sounds/objects/obstacles. Basic obedience skills.

For guardians whose busy lives prevent them from socializing their puppy. The Socialization window is short (7-16 weeks). Let us lift the heavy load to ensure your puppy grows up to be a confident, healthy & happy adult who is a joy to live with.

2 weeks = 12 Training sessions + 2 Transfer + initial consult @ $125 = $910 ($56 per session):

Includes Socialization/Housetraining/Crate Training/Sit/Down/Attention to handler (eye contact)/Touch

3 weeks = 18 training sessions + 3 transfer + initial consult @ $125 = $1235 ($53 per session):

Includes the same as above + Settle (on mat)/Come(Recall)/Sit+Stay

4 weeks = 24 training sessions + 4 transfer + initial consult @ $125 = $1495 ($49 per session):

Includes the same as above + Leave it/Settle on mat ( with duration, distractions, distance)/Leash skills (basic)

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.


Paw Manners (Foundations)

For puppies over 5 months & adult dogs.

2, 3 or 4 week intensive course.

Examples of basic skills: Sit - Down - Attention to handler (eye contact) - Recall (come when called) - Touch - Wait at a boundary (door) - Leave it. Relaxation: Crate Training and/or Settle (on a mat). Loose-leash walking (Basics)

A program will be customized to the skills you want your dog to learn.

Same prices as puppy socialization.

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.


Paw Self-Control & Relaxation

For dogs who already know basic skills like Sit/Down/Stay. Ideal for hyperactive dogs.

4 or 6 week intensive course.

Skills: Stay - Touch - Settle (on mat/bed/place) - with duration/distractions/distance. Loose-leash Walking. Wait At Door - Leave it (giving up toy freely)

We work on an intensive Relaxation Protocol, developed by Dr. Karen Overall. This protocol teaches your dog to relax (impulse control) on a mat for extended period of time with distractions.

We will focus on the skills your dog most needs to learn.

4 weeks = 24 training sessions + 4 transfer + initial Consult @ $125= $1495 ($49 per session)

6 weeks = 36 training sessions + 6 transfer + initial consult @ $125 = $1930 ($43 per session)

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.


Paw Confidence Building

For anxious/fearful dogs (non-aggressive) & leash reactive dogs.

4 or 6 week comprehensive course.

Confidence building skills: Touch/Targeting/Find it/Settle/Crate Training. Relaxation Protocol (Dr. Karen Overall).

Counterconditioning & Desensitization (to noises, or the stimulus your dog is reacting to).

We focus on changing your dog’s emotional response to a scary stimulus, always working at your dog’s pace and within his or her comfort level.

4 weeks = 24 training sessions + 4 transfer + initial consult @ $125 = $1495 ($49 per session)

6 weeks = 36 training sessions + 6 transfer + initial consult @ $125 = $1930 ($43 per session)

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.


  • Training times are from 10am - 12pm, or from 2-4 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

  • All programs are Day Training where Vivi will train your dog in your home and on location (park, street, etc). Each program includes at least 30 mins walk and lots of play time, as well as intensive training.

  • For puppies under16 weeks (who have not had all sets of vaccinations yet), we will not be visiting dog parks.

  • We will leave a Training Visit Report, and send photos (optional), at every visit so you know what skills we have worked on.

  • All programs include a Transfer session at the end of each week, where we will transfer all the newfound skills your dog has learned. It is recommended that all members of the household be present at both the Initial Consult and this Transfer session to ensure all are on board with the new learning.

  • Includes 1 clicker & treat pouch + handouts and other relevant information.

  • Payment for a training program must be paid in full at the Initial Consult, or at least 48 hours before the first training session.

  • In order for your dog to continue showing off his new skills, you will need to maintain the behaviors upon completion of the program.

  • Questions? Contact us via email or phone prior to booking Initial Consult.

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Giving your dog a stuffed Kong when he is in his crate or on his mat teaches him to relax and build a positive association with these.