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specializing in behavior modification & clicker training. servicing Charleston SC.


Through Positive Reinforcement & Clicker Training, We Build Bridges & Successes. At Every Step.


VivaPaws Training & Behavior is owned and operated by Vivi Myslik Jorgensen, KPA CTP - a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and Professional Dog Trainer.

  • We provide behavioral consultation services and private in-home dog training to Charleston SC and the LowCountry.

  • Our methodology is 100% Positive Reinforcement training, which is based on decades of sound scientific research of how dogs learn. Science has shown that dogs are motivated to work for a reward.

  • Our communication tool is the clicker, not only because it is fun, contagious - and backed by science - but because it gets your dog’s attention instantaneously when used correctly!

  • The clicker is an excellent tool for building, modifying, and strengthening behavior, not just for cute tricks!

  • It creates enthusiasm & confidence in both learner & handler - and gets YOU faster results because it is a language your dog understands.

  • Clicker training works with all animals, even humans. We have successfully trained dogs, cats, and rats with the clicker!

  • As a KPA CTP, Vivi from VivaPaws is Charleston’s Clicker Expert!

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Our core values:

Education. Quality. Compassion.

We owe it to our best friend to treat him or her with the utmost respect. When things go wrong, it is never the dog’s fault. We must step up and show them a better way to behave, and ensure their chance of success at every step.
— Vivi Myslik Jorgensen

We Are Veterinarian Recommended.



We Help With Your New Puppy, Basic Good Manners & Behavior Problems.

Life can be both frustrating and stressful when your pooch is not behaving right!

At VivaPaws, we specialize in Behavior Modification: Fear/anxiety/phobias/aggression.

  • Booking a consultation with us means we come to your home, at your convenience, to assess your dog’s environment and examine the problems you are facing to find a solution most suited to your needs.

  • We’ll remove barriers and resolve your dog’s behavioral problems with compassion, expertise, and a positive training approach.

  • If you need guidance in socializing and training your new puppy, we can help get you on the right path to a happy, healthy, well-adjusted pup - and prevent problem behavior later on.

  • Perhaps your dog just needs to learn some good manners and self-control? Our training will positively guide you to a well-behaved companion.

  • You can now book a one hour Remote Consult with us and get expert guidance via a Skype Or Zoom meeting.

No matter the problems you are facing, we work with your goals to get you the results you need and help you build a positive relationship with your dog.

On A Tight Budget? We Can Help!

Vivi believes all dogs & their humans should have access to a Professional Dog Trainer. Too many dogs are surrendered to shelters or euthanized due to behavior problems, which could have been prevented or modified with the help of a professional. At the same time, Vivi acknowledges it can be hard to fit dog training into a household budget.

Therefore, to help the humans who have to pay the bill (since dogs can only pay with love), VivaPaws is now offering a Payment Plan to help ease the burden of dog training expenses. Contact us today to hear about the option of an interest free Payment Plan.



private training

Private in-home training at your convenience. Whether you need immediate relief from behavior issues, like fear/anxiety, aggression, phobias - or your pooch needs to learn better manners and/or leash skills, we will customize a positive training plan that works and gets you fast results through clicker training.

puppy training

Let us help you get on the right path to a happy and confident pup. Need help with house training? Perhaps your busy schedule doesn’t allow time for the important task of socializing your puppy right, or even teaching him/her important basic manners? Whatever your needs, we are here to provide you with the tools you need to prevent behavior problems later on in your puppy’s life.

Our Puppy Packages are ONLY for puppies aged 8-16 weeks.

If your puppy is older than 16 weeks, please see Private Training for training options.


‘one dog at a time’ board & train

This new service begins JULY 1, 2019. Your dog will be boarded & trained in Vivi Myslik Jorgensen’s private home, which incorporates a large fenced-in yard. What makes our Board & Train unique in comparison with others is: Our training method is 100% Positive Reinforcement. NO training collars (prong, choke, shock, bark, etc.) . We board only one dog (one client) at a time, which means your pooch is treated as a part of the family!

remote consult

VivaPaws is now offering Remote Consults. Whether you live outside our service area and would like to learn from Charleston’s Clicker Expert, or you simply cannot find time in your schedule for us to come to you, you can now get access to Professional guidance via Skype or Zoom. This service is of course available worldwide!


Why Choose A KPA Certified Training Partner?

Karen Pryor Academy is the leader of modern force-free animal training. It is one of few Elite Dog Trainer schools in the world and has over 1500 graduates worldwide. Certified Training Partners have gone through a demanding educational program requiring continuous assessment of their knowledge, hands-on training and teaching skills, as well as work with multiple species of animals. KPA CTP’s are required to participate in annual continuing education to maintain their KPA status, and in order to provide clients with the most current and scientifically proven dog training tools & techniques in the industry.

Karen Pryor is the founder of clicker training, and one of the pioneers of Positive Reinforcement, bringing science to the masses with her bestselling book, ‘Don’t shoot the dog’ (1984).



Robyn Sealock & Winston, Bluffton, SC

We have a rescue dog who is fearful of people and most loud noises and we’ve been working with Vivi for several months to help him work through his issues. Vivi is patient, thoughtful, and a true professional. She takes the time each session to talk about the progress we’ve made and make sure we are all realistic about expectations. Between each session, she analyzes how the prior session went and tweaks the next session to adjust to our dog’s level of progression. She has sent countless resources to help us continue his training on our own and responds quickly whenever we’ve emailed her with questions or concerns. By her recommendation, we consulted with a behavioral veterinarian and it has made a big difference in our dog’s anxiety level. Vivi gave us the tools we needed to help us give our dog his best life. If you are looking for someone who is highly organized, knowledgeable, and willing to help your dog be the best he or she can be, Vivi is the trainer for you!”


Cheri Keenan & Bear, Mt. Pleasant

We have a 1 1/2 yr old Australian Shepherd with more energy than I could ever imagine. He is very loving but jumps all over people and gets so “amped” up, all listening skills go out the window. We couldn’t have guests because our dog would get so crazy! Vivi, VivaPaws, was recommended to us by our vet and she was absolutely amazing. Vivi was so attentive to our concerns and asked a lot of questions of us before writing a behavior plan for our dog. I kept thinking there is no way this dog will not jump on people and listen to me on the first try, but I was wrong! Vivi put a plan together and tweaked it if needed during the entire training process. She was so patient with our dog AND me, knowledgeable and encouraging; you know she loves her job! She provided countless other resources and videos to help with our continued training. She checks up on our progress. I highly recommend Vivi and VivaPaws to anyone who wants to have a well trained/behaved dog. When our dog sees the clicker, he starts doing all his good behaviors in hopes to get a treat, we love it!!!”

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You Deserve a Certified & Qualified Dog Trainer.

Armed with one of the most respected and rigorous educational backgrounds in dog training today, Vivi at VivaPaws is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. She is the first Professional Dog Trainer in Charleston to have earned the designation KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner).

You can rest assured you are working with one of the best and most competent in the field who utilizes only positive, force-free, scientifically proven methods and techniques.


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“The report you provided was EXTREMELY helpful. I have continued to provide her with the training you outlined. Our vet was amazed with your attention to detail! Thank you! We appreciate all you have done for Hazel! You are truly a gift and got Hazel back on track. Thank you for all you do for animals. This world needs more people like you.
— - Maureen & Kyleigh Petersen & Hazel , Charleston SC.