Remote Consults

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Are You In Need Of A Professional Trainer - But Live Outside Our Service Area?

vivapaws is now offering remote consults worldwide

Thanks to modern technology, the global community has become local, at least with the aid of the internet. VivaPaws Training & Behavior is branching out, so to speak, and will be able to assist more clients worldwide with our new service, Remote Consults, via Skype or Zoom.

Many dog behaviors can be effectively addressed during a Skype session with a Professional Trainer. Having easy access to this lifeline can be invaluable to clients who either live outside our service area, need immediate relief, or have limited time to set up in-home training sessions.

Dog behavior issues can range from extremely dangerous to slightly annoying. And, while nothing takes the place of an in-person, hands on private training session, in some cases, a virtual consultation may be all you need to solve, or minimize, your dog's behavior problems. 

Vivi helps you understand your dog’s behavior, how you may be accidentally reinforcing it, and how this can be improved upon by teaching, both you and your dog, more efficient ways of communicating with each other. Once communication is revamped, it opens up a whole new world for you and your best friend, where learning takes place at a much faster and reliable pace. Training becomes a fun game for you both and the bond and trust between you grows exponentially. This is the true value of Positive Reinforcement training, and now we can make it more convenient for you with a Remote Consult, directly from the comfort or your living room!

Get Immediate Relief & Instant Professional Guidance With a Click!


How A Remote Consult Helps

Our remote consults can address:

  • Nuisance behaviors: Jumping on people - Counter surfing - Barking Incessantly - Nipping/Biting - Pulling on leash

  • Destructive Behaviors: Chewing on furniture/people/objects - Digging - Inappropriate Elimination

  • Resource Guarding: People/food/toys/spaces

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training and more

How it works:

  1. Write us an email or use the contact form explaining the behavior you are seeking help with. Based on the information you provide, we will assess if the issue can be resolved via Remote Consult. If possible, send us a video of the behavior you want help with.

  2. If you get the go-ahead, click on the button below which will take you to the scheduling page where you can choose a time most convenient for you. The times shown are EDT time zone 1 (Eastern USA). Pay the consult fee ($90), fill out the Intake Form and Liability Waiver.

  3. Once we receive your booking, we will be sending you an email with more details about the virtual meeting. This email includes a more in-depth Client History questionnaire to be filled out and returned prior to the online consult meeting. An additional email will follow providing you with handouts and other materials related to your case. Please keep an eye on your inbox!

  4. We recommend that all household members be present for the Remote Consult meeting to ensure everyone is in agreement with the problems you are facing, and also so that everyone understands what it takes to help your dog.

  5. After the Initial Consult, and based on our recommendations for the training of your dog, you have the option of choosing between two Remote training packages.


Initial Consult: $90

  • One hour Initial Consult meeting (via Skype or Zoom) to assess the behavior issues you are facing and make recommendations for training.

3 successive training sessions (1 hour each): $265

  • We will coach you in training your dog, track progress & setbacks, troubleshoot, and re-evaluate any changes or additions needed to promote continued progress.

5 successive training sessions (1 hour each): $425

  • We will coach you in training your dog, track progress & setbacks, troubleshoot, and re-evaluate any changes or additions needed to promote continued progress.

Requirements for Remote Consults

What will I need to participate?

  • high speed internet access (wifi)

  • a computer/laptop with a decent webcam (no cell phone, Please)

  • skype (+ skype account) or zoom downloaded

  • the ability to understand, read, and communicate in English

  • The ability to follow instructions

  • motivation for helping your dog

  • ability and commitment to train your dog on a daily basis

If you have questions about Remote Consults or any of our other services, do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone, or using the Contact form.