Let’s Go For A Walk…


Does your dog pull on leash, or do you have to pull your dog to get him to walk?

Are you frustrated being walked by your dog and not the other way round?

Are you embarrassed being pulled down the street, or is your dog simply refusing to walk?

Either way, it makes walking your dog a stressful endeavor, when in fact it should be enjoyable for the both of you.

Loose-leash walking is one of the skills most dog guardians struggle with. It can take a long time to teach a dog and it requires patience and endurance, and lots of positive reinforcement.

Dogs pull because there are a number of interesting smells they have to get to - and we simply don’t walk fast enough for them!

Lack of exercise & ‘brain work’ (mental stimulation) is the number one reason dogs develop destructive behaviors. Simply because they are bored.

  • This is why we are now offering Loose-leash skills to clients who do not have the time to teach their dog to walk nicely on leash, or whose dog is in need of exercise.

We Offer Two Types of Services


Walk & Train = 1 hour

We teach your dog how to walk politely on leash. We help your dog learn that ‘great things happen’ right next to the handler that makes it worthwhile to stay close.

For puppies, we recommend a package of 5-10 sessions.

For dogs, who have had a lot of time (years) practicing the 'pulling game’, we recommend 10 sessions, in order to learn the basics of this new skill.


1 session (1 hour) = $75

5 sessions = $330 (save $45)

10 sessions = $650 ( save $100)

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.


Walk & Play = 1 hour

This is for high energy dogs who either need a long walk (with play), or dogs who need only 30 mins walk and some play and attention at home. Great for parents who work long hours with little to no time to exercise the pooch!


1 sessions ( 1 hour): $45

5 sessions: $200 (save $25)

10 sessions: $395 (save $55)

  • An additional travel fee may apply depending on location.



  • It is necessary to book a 30-45 mins ‘Meet & Greet’ for both services and pay a Reservation fee ($45). This fee is non-refundable and will be credited the session or package you purchase at the Meet & Greet.

  • The ‘Meet & Greet’ is a chance for us to come meet both you and your dog in your home, and to go over details and any questions you, or we may have.

  • Payment for a package, or single session, has to be paid in full at the Meet & Greet.

  • Please note: If your dog is fearful or leash-reactive (growling/barking/lunging at other dogs or people), you will need a Behavior Modification program instead.

  • You also have the option of Day School, where we work intensively on building confidence and/or leash-reactive issues.

  • If you are uncertain which type of service is best for your dog, or you have questions, send us an email, or call, before booking.

  • Walking times are 9 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday.


Essentials for the walk with your dog…a water jug, treat pouch & yummy treats!