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You & your dog’s needs are both unique - as are your concerns!

Let us customize a program that fits easily into your busy life.

  • We’ll help you determine the cause of your dog’s behavioral problems and find a solution that incorporates your experience, time, and financial allowance.

  • Choose our Private Coaching service if you wish to train your dog yourself with our help & guidance.

  • Too busy to fit in training? - Or perhaps you simply prefer a Professional to do the heavy lifting for you? Day Training will ultimately give you faster results . All you have to do is maintain the new behaviors your dog has learned.

  • Often, a combination of the two services is recommended, in order to achieve your goals within a certain timeframe or budget, depending on your individual needs.

  • Both services start with an Initial Consult (Behavior Consultation), which is necessary to conduct a behavior assessment and examine all factors that contribute to the problems you are facing.


We’ll help you get the results you need!

…But don’t take our word for it:


Kat Stafford & Arya, West Ashley

We asked Vivi to help us with our doberman Arya. We got her at 5 month old with number of issues that prevented us from enjoying simple walk or relaxing time with her. A lot of tries and fails with this awesome girl. And then we met Vivi. She gave us tools and a lot of work to do, but results are so worth it. Arya and I developed trusting relationship and time together became a lot of fun. There is still work to do, practice, practice, practice... But we both came a long way in just few sessions. Clicker training was the best thing that could possibly happen to us... Thank You Vivi!!!

We Are Veterinarian Recommended



An Initial Consult is 2 hours in duration

Each subsequent training session is 1 hour long.

This is a chance for us to get acquainted with you and your dog and examine his or her environment. The consult takes place in your home. We will conduct a behavior assessment to determine what is going on from your dog’s perspective. We help you understand your dog’s behavior, how you may be accidentally reinforcing it, and how to change it.

We focus on your goals, as well as taking into consideration, your dog’s needs. Along with your input, a training solution will be developed that offers the best outcome for you and your dog.


  • An additional travel fee may apply if you live outside Charleston SC

  • If you are not ready to commit to a package, we will happily provide you with an individual one-hour subsequent session for $125




You train your dog with our guidance

Ideal if you want to understand behavior and build a strong bond with your dog.

Choosing this option requires consistency, patience, and commitment on your part, as well as keeping up with the homework we provide.

Package RATES: 

Our package rates includes Initial Consult fee. The consult fee ($145) is payable online when booking an appointment.

4 Pack: 2 hour Consult + 2 (1 hour) sessions: $365

5 Pack: 2 hour Consult + 3 (1 hour) sessions: $470

7 Pack: 2 hour consult + 5 (1 hour) sessions: $620

10 Pack: 2 hour consult + 8 (1 hour)sessions: $880

12 Pack: 2 hour consult + 10 (1 hour) sessions: $1045


We train your dog while you work (in your home, and on location)

The most important benefit to Day Training is the one-on-one focus between the trainer and your dog.

Day Training essentially leads to faster results.

Day training comes in sets of 3 training sessions and 1 transfer session per week ( where we transfer the new skills to you and your family).

Package RATES: 

All training sessions are 6o mins in duration.

2 weeks: 2 hour consult + 8 (1 hour) sessions: $880

3 weeks: 2 hour consult + 12 (1 hour) sessions: $1200

4 weeks: 2 hour consult + 16 (1 hour) sessions: $1500

  • The balance of a training package is payable in full at the Initial Consult, or at least 48 hours prior to the first training session.

  • A travel fee may apply if you live outside Charleston SC.

On A Tight Budget? We Can Help!

Contact us today to hear about the option of an interest free Payment Plan.



  • Click the button below, fill out the intake form & pay the consult fee.

  • If you are uncertain which type of training your dog or puppy needs, or you have questions about our services, you can contact us via email, phone, or use the Contact form.

  • You will be provided with a detailed Training Protocol before the first training session.

  • We recommend that all household members are present at the Initial Consult. This is important to ensure everyone is in agreement on a treatment plan.

  • As soon as we receive your intake form, we will email you with further details about the Initial Consult.

See below for our Customized Packages in Good Manners & Behavior Modification


You’re On The Path To a Positive Outcome…


Training package (Basic manners)

  • Is your dog or puppy jumping on guests?

  • Stealing socks?

  • Pulling on leash?

  • Biting/nipping?

  • Counter surfing?

  • Running out the door?

  • Chasing the cat or other animals?

  • Digging?

This package is for adult dogs and puppies who just need to learn some basic skills and good manners. You tell us what you want your dog to learn and we help you get on the right path to a well-behaved pooch!

examples of good manners:

  • Come when called - sit to greet guests - walk nicely on leash - wait at the door (or other boundary) - Relax on a mat (place, bed) - sit & stay


Behavior package (Behavior Modification)

  • Is your dog’s behavior causing you stress or concern?

  • Perhaps she lunges at other dogs/people?

  • Is fearful of loud noises, like thunder, fireworks, engines?

  • Is shy or fearful of family members or strangers?

  • Showing signs of fear-related aggression?

  • Suffering from Separation Anxiety, or other related anxiety?

You need a well-educated and experienced professional who understands how behavior works and how to modify it. We will carefully examine all factors in order to determine what is going on from your dog’s perspective. Whenever your dog is reacting to things in a fearful or aggressive manner, it means he is reacting through his emotions and he ‘cannot just stop it’. He has learned that this coping mechanism works. Changing his emotions about a scary stimulus means working systematically within his comfort zone through desensitization and counterconditioning techniques. This process takes time, dedication, commitment & compassion. We often work in conjunction with veterinarians, behavior consultants, and/or veterinary behaviorists to examine all possible causes and the most effective treatment for your dog’s issues.

  • We recommend you email or call us prior to booking a Consult to determine what treatment may be necessary for your individual case